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Get a free license of PDF Compressor Pro to compress your scanned PDF files! [CLOSED]

PDF Compressor giveaway

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PDF Compressor 100% Full Functional Use of PDF Compressor Pro.
PDF Compressor WON'T add Watermark on PDF Files.
PDF Compressor Compress scanned PDFs to small files.

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This giveaway promotion has been closed on Feb 1, 2017.
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What can PDF Compressor Do

Since scanned PDF files are derived from images with large file sizes, they can quickly consume storage space. In addition, sending e-mails with large PDF attachments can be difficult.

PDF Compressor eliminates both problems with one streamlined, easy to use, fast program. Users can also choose to save their files to the original folder without overwriting the original versions, and users can also opt to save PDF files to specified folder paths.

In addition, PDF Compressor automatically removes restrictions from protected files.

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